Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rain Queen

By Katherine Scholes.

Here's a book that I absolutely loved reading! I am hopeless with words and can't describe the many emotions I felt while reading this book. Once you start on this book you can't put it down. It takes you to places that you have never been before and a place that you probably won't want to leave....that's the way I felt anyway!! The book is about witchcraft and christianity (...?), different cultures, intense love, real life and much, much more. I reccommend this book to everyone; I can nearly say that it has been the best book I have read in a long time (and I read all the time). So visit the library, go to the book shop, borrow it from someone; but make sure you read it!

EASTER, 1974

On a remote medical mission station in Tanzania, De Michael Carrington and his wife Sarah are savagely murdered. A white woman visiting the couple that night inexplicably survives the brutal attack, and a bloodstained fetish found with the bodies is adorned with locks of her long red hair.

The Carringtons' last guest is Annah Mason. Once an idealistic missionary nurse, she is now an outsider. Europeans view her with suspicion. But the Africans know her as a gifted healer, a friend of witches - and the great love of Mtemi, chief of the Waganga. They call her the Rain Queen.

Twenty years later, the Carringtons' daughter, Kate, is living in Melbourne. She has buried her childhood grief and no longer yearns to know what really happened to her parents on that terrible night. But then she meets her new neighbour - an eccentric old woman who cooks over a fire in the garden and shoots at snakes. Kate soon learns that she is not the only one with an African past - the Rain Queen has crossed the world to find her, to tell her a story that will finally set her free.....